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Animals of America

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Lewis Falls

Lewis Falls in the Fall time...

Bighorn Sheep Ram Herd

Summer herd of bighorn sheep rams...

Grand Geyser

Grand, on right, Turban, and Vent Geyser erupting...

Firehole River

Firehole River with steam rolling out of Grand Prismatic and Excelsior Geysers in the background...

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Coyote with pups on afternoon romp

The coyote mother above was the mother of 9 pups. She will raise, feed, and defend these pups on her own without the help of their father. Coyotes are known to have 1 to 19 pups in a litter. This is a defensive measure against the high juvenile mortality rate, approximately 50 - 70% of the pups do not survive to adulthood. These pups emerge from the den 3 - 4 weeks after birth. They are fully weaned by 35 days after birth. So the pups you see in the above picture are somewhere from 21 to 35 days old since they were still breast feeding.

This canine family member is one animal that has actually expanded its range in the wake of human civilization. They can survive and even reproduce in metropolitan areas. The coyote is smaller than wolves. Coyotes forelegs, sides of head, muzzle and paws are reddish brown. They weight 15 - 46 pounds. Coyotes have large ears proportionally for their head size. When coyotes are zeroing in on prey their ears will be pointed up and forward.

Coyote eating a vole They primarily eat small mammals such a voles, prairie dogs, ground squirrels, and mice. But they also will eat carrion and you can see them waiting their turn at a carrion feeding site. But, coyotes do consume a significant amount of fruits and vegetables.
This coyote was in a field looking for dinner. It was standing still with its ears pointed forward. Coyote in field looking for dinner



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