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Birds of America

Have you really seen the birds that are around you? If not I encourage you to look closer.

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Lewis Falls

Lewis Falls in the Fall time...

Bighorn Sheep Ram Herd

Summer herd of bighorn sheep rams...

Grand Geyser

Grand, on right, Turban, and Vent Geyser erupting...

Firehole River

Firehole River with steam rolling out of Grand Prismatic and Excelsior Geysers in the background...

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American White Pelican

American White Pelican swimming

This picture was taken at the St. Louis Zoo as the American White Pelican swam peacefully around the pond. I am tickled to say, it won a Honorable Mention in one of the St. Louis Photo Club competitions.

American White Pelican Showing off its pouch While fishing the American White Pelican often fishes in a "U" shape group moving fish into position for easy capture. They consume up to 4 pounds of fish daily. The elastic expandable throat sac of the American White Pelican can hold up to 3 gallons of water. Once a fish is caught in the pouch all excess water is drained by tilting the bill downward. The fish is then swallowed whole.
Their black tipped nine to ten foot wing span carries them high into the air helping them take advantage of thermals. American White Pelican flying over Mississippi River
The white pelican is one of the largest birds in North America. Their bill length is approximately 13 to 14.5 inches in the male and about 2 inches shorter on females.
American White Pelicans sunning themselves on log in the Mississippi River

Which of these two birds have mated. What you say? "That is a stupid question and unanswerable." Not so.

One third the way up their bill they develop a horizontal horn, seen here on the setting bird. This horn is shed after mating. So the answer to the question is the standing bird has mated.

A group of American White Pelican swimming on the Mississippi River


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