Bison vs Buffalo

Is there a difference? Yes there is.

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Difference between Bison Bison and True Buffalo

Buffalo head on view

African Buffalo. Image from

Facial image of bison

A large male Bison Bison lying down

Buffalo side view

African Buffalo. Image from

Bison in profile

Profile of a bison



  • The horn resembles a large handlebar mustache, thick, helmet-like base, curls down then up
  • No hump
  • No beard
  • Short light fur



  • Horns shorter, they curve upward into a sharp point
  • Female's horn narrower than males
  • Have large hump on shoulders
  • Has beard
  • Has a winter and summer fur coat
  • Bigger head than buffalo

Bison and buffalo are of the Bovidae family, including the Yak, Zebu, and cattle. The Old-World buffalo includes the cape and water buffalo.

Through exhaustive research we know there are two species of bison. One in North America and one in Europe. The North American bison has two subspecies. The plains bison is in America, and the wood bison is in Canada.

The European bison is found in Poland, Belarus, and the Bialoweza Forest. Their current numbers are thought to be around 6,000 in the wild.

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