Osprey is a small but mighty hunter that can be spotted over the many rivers in the world, hunting for dinner.

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Hunting Birds

Hunting with a camera that is. Birds are fascinating to watch and try to find. Let's start exploring....


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Water of Yellowstone

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Osprey in tree top checking out options.

Osprey standing guard from perch on top of Lodgepole Pine.
Osprey parent taking off from nest

One parent has just been relieved from babysitting duties and leaving for some me time. Nest was in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone over the Yellowstone River.

Ospreys are one of the most widely distributed birds of prey. They can be found on every continent except Antarctica.

Ospreys can be found close to water since 99% of their diet is fish, and they are super fishers. They hunt by flying up and down a river or over a lake. They hover 30-40 feet up in the air, then dive into the water. Most of their bodies end up in the water to snag a fish.

Once catching the fish, the Osprey will break out of the water. They then orient the fish so it is headfirst to make flying easier than from side to side. This movement cuts down on the drag as they fly.

Nests are often on rocky outcroppings or artificial platforms like power pole platforms. Nests are often reused. A nest can measure five feet across and two feet deep. When reused, the nest will be refreshed and can get much taller. Nests have been used by other large and small birds. Some small birds build their own nest inside the Osprey's nest.

Both osprey parents will incubate the eggs, with the female doing most of the setting while the male provides food.

Osprey family on nest in Lemar Valley Yellowstone National Park

Osprey family portrait.

Osprey surveying country side

The osprey proudly shows its beautiful white chest and brown eye line, which are good points for identification purposes.

Ospreys have been confused for the American Bald Eagle. But ospreys have a brown strip running to their eyes. Ospreys have a white chest and abdomen, whereas the eagle has a brown chest and abdomen. The osprey also has brown tail feathers, not white.

Eagles have been known to attack an osprey with a catch. Once the osprey drops the catch, the eagle will snag it out of the air.

To compare these Ospreys to the Bald Eagle, look at the above picture once again and then click here to check out the differences between the Osprey and the American Bald Eagle.

Osprey hunched over looking for food.

Osprey hunched over, looking for food. Check out the talons.

Osprey carrying a fish in flight.

Osprey carrying a fish over Sanibel Island Causeway, Florida.

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