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Fairy Falls

Waterfalls are just one of the many types of water features within the Park. Please enjoy them and savor the peaceful feelings they generate.

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Lewis Falls

Lewis Falls in the Fall time...

Bighorn Sheep Ram Herd

Summer herd of bighorn sheep rams...

Grand Geyser

Grand, on right, Turban, and Vent Geyser erupting...

Firehole River

Firehole River with steam rolling out of Grand Prismatic and Excelsior Geysers in the background...

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Fairy Falls

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  • Type: Plunge
  • Height: 197 Feet
  • Stream: Fairy Creek
  • Name, origin: Discovered by Capt. J. W. Barlow and F. V. Hayden when standing on the top of one of the nearby Twin Buttes in 1871.(1)
  • Fun Facts: This trail is closed to hiking until Memorial Day weekend for bear management. That is another way to saying watch for the bears. Enjoy the birds. Also you will go by the south side of Grand Prismatic Hot Spring. Coming soon you will be able to take a hike up from this trail to get a view down into Grand Prismatic Hot Spring which is a sight you will not want to miss.
  • Location: Found in the Lower Geyser Basin 4.5 miles from the Old Faithful overpass on the west side of the road. it is a two mile hike into the falls from the parking area.

Navigate to: Crystal Falls or Firehole Falls

(1)Whittlesey, L. H. (2006). Yellowstone Place Names. Gardiner, MT: Wonderland Publishing Company. Page 102.


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